The Primary Care Premises Forum is an association of a number of organisations and individuals from the private sector with extensive specialist knowledge of the provision of primary care premises throughout the UK.  Its members include investors, developers, bankers, surveyors, lawyers and other professionals with a range of public sector guest members.  It has been established to promote best practice within its area of expertise.

Our History

During early 2003 some interested parties came together with a common goal of seeking to remove unnecessary barriers in the development of primary care premises. The feeling was that there remained both unsatisfied demand from within the health service and medical profession and frustration amongst potential suppliers.

From those very early days, the Forum has become one of the most important and relevant interfaces between the public and private sectors: our stated goals:

  • Prime aim to speed up and hence reduce the cost of developing high quality primary health premises
  • Encourage the growth of an expert market to meet NHS targets and GP requirements
  • Enhance the standing of private sector development within the NHS/public sector
  • Be a sounding board for the private sector with problems/queries before they become serious blockages to progress by suggesting solutions and by facilitating communication
  • Be non exclusive and informative to new entrants to the market
  • Offer an informal route for discussions with the Dept of Health and the Valuation Office



One of our key pieces of work has been to produce a draft heads of terms of a lease suitable for the vast majority of surgery premises (in England and Wales at the moment) and you will see this work opposite. In 2011, and as the health environment moves into a new phase, the Forum’s role will have  increased significance and importance.

If you would like to know more about the Forum, please Contact us. The Forum is an unincorporated organisation. If you would like to make a Membership Enquiry or apply for Guest access, please Contact us. Thank you.

The Primary Care Premises Forum